Resistance and Deportation Museum

Second World War


Poster warning against sabotage and attacks against the German army.

Vichy France

Marshal Pétain undertakes a collaborationist policy with the occupier : militia - raids and persecution of Jews - stalking resistant ....

France in the war

Displays ordering the general mobilization from September 2, 1939 .

Free France

The Appeal of 18 June calling the French to join General de Gaulle in London . 

The Free French Air Force

Jean Maridor had specialized in hunting V1 risking his life.

The Free French Naval Forces

This is Admiral Muselier who is the creator of the Cross of Lorraine , the symbol of Free France to oppose the Nazi swastika .

Fighting France

General Leclerc was since 1940 in all the battles , from Chad to the eyrie of Hitler.